All your warehouse needs taken care of

Goldstar is the first choice for many companies in need of domestic or import/export screening and warehousing services. With ETSF and CAA Regulated sites it is one Goldstar service for all your needs.

The infrastructure and team at Goldstar are qualified to undertake bespoke and specialist projects, including advanced screening for any type of shipment.

  • x-ray


    The most popular screening method for air freight. Large scale X-Ray machines designed for consolidated and palletised goods, operated by highly trained security experts


    Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs – Certified under the national aviation security programme (NASP) provide explosive detection screening capability in an operational environment.
  • ETD


    Explosive Trace Detection - systems are used to detect microscopic particles of explosive material. ETD offers an alternative method for cargo unable to pass by X-Ray screening
  • Value Add

    Value Add

    Additional services include cross-dock, pick & pack facilities, pallet building, and rework
  • etsf


    ETSF (External Temporary Storage Facilities) locations and services available across the country
  • Special Projects

    Special Projects

    Warehouse solutions for all size, value and environmental requirements, no matter the complexity

We offer a wide range of Transport, Warehouse, and Screening services. Get in touch today to find out more!